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Renewing Your Mortgage

In todayís world it sometimes seems like unless your credit is perfect, and you make a bazillion dollars a year, most lenders doors are closed to you. Well, not if you have the right people working for you. It is true that the major banks are all looking for that ďA ClientĒ, but Unisource has options that most people donít even know exist! We work with lenders who consider the deal, not the credit report. Real people make the decisions, not computers. And most importantly, most of these lenders donít advertise. They rely on us, (meaning Mortgage Brokers) to bring them the deals. So if you donít talk to us, you wonít talk to them.
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Bruised Credit? Still Shopping? Self-Employed?
Have you had credit problems in the past?
Maybe a bankruptcy or a collection?
We have special loans for the credit impaired.
Havn't found the home of your dreams yet?
Shop with confidence, knowing how much you qualify for.
Business owners face unique challenges when qualifying for a mortgage.
Our experienced staff have several options for qualified borrowers.
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